Case Study

The Right Recommendation at Every Step 

See how xbird acts as a seamless health companion at every step of patient therapy

xbird's SDK was integrated into a mobile health app of a leading pharma company. The goal of the study was to examine behavioral change based on advice delivered through notifications, as well as boosting user engagement and therapy adherence in people with type 2 diabetes.


The app for type 2 diabetes provides therapy support and allows patients to sync their blood glucose values, manually input their carbohydrate intake, set medication reminders and access educational content.


• Only 10% of patients opened the app of the pharma company more than once a week
• Interaction with patients was lacking - 85% of notifications went unchecked
• Medication reminders were ineffective - Over 25% of patients forgot their medication more than twice a week


During the study of 8 weeks, we supported patients with nudging notifications and recommendations based on their individual behavior. Over time we gathered an increasing amount of information about the individual patient and were able to drive sustainable behavioral change as well as improving medical outcomes through our therapy support.


These results were achieved in a period of 8 weeks:


Users were 352% more likely to interact with personalized notifications powered by xbird's technology.


92% of users found the support provided by xbird through personalized notifications useful or extremely useful.


The number of patients forgetting their medication was reduced by more than half.


xbird conforms to the highest security standards

We’re committed to keeping patient data safe

Today, more than ever, the importance of information and data security is paramount. We take the safety and confidentiality of the personal and health data of patients very seriously. As such, we are fully compliant with ISO 27001 and we are in the process of obtaining MDR (Medical Device Regulation) certifications. This reflects xbird’s commitment to data protection and to providing a rigorously tested medical product.