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All the suggestions in this app are presented for general information with the purpose of being used as support to your disease management, and should not be perceived as medical advice. You should always consult your healthcare professional when making any changes in your medical treatment or disease management. The information provided should be taken in the context of the current treatment plan that you are following as discussed with you healthcare providers.

The information presented is taken from accredited sources from the United States and Member Countries of the European Union. The information used includes, but it is not limited to, the following sources:

  1. The Mayo Clinic
  2. The United States Center for Disease Control
  3. American Diabetes Association
  4. Diabetes UK
  5. Healthline
  6. NetDoktor
  7. Zentrum Der Gesundheit
  8. Robert Koch Institut
  9. DiabInfo
  10. Numerous scientific, peer reviewed studies, and more

The content of the daily lessons and advice were reviewed by a certified diabetes coach to verify the accuracy of the information provided.