About us

Who We Are 

A win-win for patients and pharmaceutical companies


Our mission is to foster the use of technology to improve the lives of people affected by chronic conditions. We leverage technology to identify behavioural risks and opportunities and enable patients to make better decisions that will affect their well-being.

Our goal is to design an accessible digital solution that supports people who are living with a chronic condition to improve their therapy outcomes and live a healthier life.


Our vision is a world where people can live their lives to the fullest without the fear of sickness and disease. We strive to develop technological innovations that can identify the individual needs of any patient and deliver personalized assistance to improve their medical conditions and quality of life.

Our Team

We are a team of software engineers, data scientists and serial entrepreneurs. Our motivation is to advance health care and to improve lives with the aid of technology.
Andreas Andersen
Backend Engineer
Matthew Bittner
Senior Project Manager
Lisa-Marie Borne
Product Management Intern
Matteo Carli
CTO & Founder
Silvia Cepeda García
Manager Finance, HR and Operations
David Dávila
Mobile Developer
Anna Demushkina
Marketing Manager
Sarah Gosten
Junior Product Manager
Elke Henning
Senior Manager Finance, HR and Operations
Evdokia Kazimirova
Researcher / Machine Learner
Monika Kotus
Technical Consultant - Digital Health
Sebastian Lorda
Entrepreneur in Residence
Viktor Malyi
Senior iOS Engineer
Roger Negredo Fernández
Junior Manager Finance, HR and Operations
Sebastian Rehfeldt
Backend Engineer
Dario Staenicke
Business Process Analyst
Sebastian Sujka
CEO & Founder
Pedro Ten
Head Of Engineering
Vishal Uttamchandani
Entrepreneur in Residence
Ahmed Wahba
Senior Android Developer

Join xbird

Interdisciplinary Team. Shared Goal.

xbird is a medical AI company developing ways to use sensors’ data to predict and prevent health risks. We capture data streams from built-in sensors on smartphones, wearables, and medical devices to develop algorithms and machine learning models which process these streams in real-time in order to detect critical health events before they occur. You will be working with accelerometers, blood glucose, insulin, GPS and iOS / Android activity data.

Interested in working with us, but don't see the right role? Feel free to contact us at jobs@xbird.io