Improving Therapy for Everyone Involved 

xbird uses an AI-powered three-step process to provide patients with personalized therapy support and improve therapy adherence..

01. Capturing

Capturing sensor data around the clock in near-real-time

xbird passively captures sensor data from smartphones to monitor patient activity and uses deep learning to establish patterns connecting historical data with the present.

02. Evaluating

Evaluating behavior patterns
xbird's sophisticated machine learning models allow us to automatically interpret and translate data into behavioral information and predict the lifestyle of the patient. Our AI evaluates patients' behavioral patterns and detects critical events with medical grade accuracy through the employment of convolutional neural networks.

03. Alerting

Alerting patients when it matters
xbird cross-references patients' medical data with their unique behavioral patterns and identifies those moments where the patient needs support and is most likely to achieve sustainable behavioral change. This enables us to empower the patient in a smart way using personalized notifications with nudges and recommendations.

xbird’s SDK

Seamless integration with your apps

xbird is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing apps through its SDK. Once installed, it begins collecting sensor data from mobile devices, wearables and other IOT or medical devices.

  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Running on wearables
  • Efficient power usage
  • Small bandwidth footprint